Poison Ivy Stinging Nettle Work Place Wednesdays This week on Workplace Wednesday, we will discuss Poison Ivy Stinging Nettle, both of which we have in Alberta around our campgrounds, lakes, hiking areas, acreages, workplaces. I can attest to the immense burning of stinging nettle. Not a fun way to find it. As it stands at this moment, I have just found some yesterday in my yard here that I will be getting rid of.

I’ll start you with a picture of each:

This is what Poison Ivy looks like Poison Ivy


Here is a photo of Stinging Nettle Stinging Nettle


Both poison ivy stinging nettle can be found in and around not only Edson, but Alberta wide, and worldwide. Know what poison ivy and stinging nettle looks like. When travelling, know the other poisonous plants and what they look like.


Poison Ivy Stinging Nettle First Aid:

Remove yourself or the infected person from the danger without putting yourself at risk. Flush the infected area with large amounts of cool water. A garden hose works great. Flush away from the rest of the body. Watch for signs of a severe reaction that may require immediate medical attention, such as difficulty breathing. Keep flushing the affected area with cool water to keep pain and swelling down as much as possible.


And remember the 3 leaf rule for Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac- if it has 3, let it be!


None of the above mentioned information should be used in place of a First Aid class. Register for one HERE.

Watch for Red Cross Remote Wilderness First Aid Coming Soon to Carm’s Safety Incorporated!