As you may have noticed, our discussions are not happening. Apparently most people do not need any more questions answered. So here is what we will be turning this website into.

This site over the next few weeks will become our store for AED’s, and medical equipment through our own retailers as well as other affiliates such as Amazon.

We encourage you to check back often as we will be consistently and constantly updating our variety of products available on our E Store.

There are plans in place to also ad in a “gently used” area for buy and sell sales. This area will be carefully monitored for spam.

All buyer/seller information and sales will be tightly secured with double socket layer protection through outside trusted processors.

While we will leave the First Aid Information that is already here, the feel and look of this website will be changing.

We appreciate your trust in our training and hope you will look to our new E Store for your product needs.


Que tengas un grand dia!