Please remember when driving on ice and while ice fishing to:

  • ALWAYS remove your seatbealt and roll your window down!
  • Watch for breakers and DO NOT drive on them. #Breakers look like a ridge above the ice surface. They look like fun jumps for sleds and quads. They are not! You can easily break through on a breaker.
  • Minimum 12″ is recommended for driving onto ice (we got 27″ at Badger!)
  • Drive slow and use caution when entering and leaving the ice so as not to cause an under ice wave and thus break through at the edge
  • Tie small pets up. A 10″ hole is easy for small dogs to fall in without seeing in all the excitement.
  • Always drive slow on the ice so you don’t create waves under the ice
  • Do Not go alone
  • When camping on the ice like we do, pick up all your garbage so it doesn’t litter the water. this includes dog doo
  • Have a rubber grip map or wood deck for getting in and out of your camper safely. The ice infront of your camper door and around will clear from the heat inside and become a dangerous slipping hazard.
  • Wear steel ice grippers on your boots!
  • Dress in layers & Wear Gloves!
  • Keep alcohol to a minimum as it thins your blood making you colder with a greater chance of #hypothermia and #frostbite without knowing/feeling it
  • Build a temporary wind shelter or take frequent breaks
  • Keep holes marked at all times. If you move to a new hole, use a pylon marker on your old hole until it freezes back over for people, children and animals.
  • Leave the ice and snow piled beside your holes. Make them visible!
  • Never drink and drive
  • Have fun!!
  • Stay hydrated and remember to eat!
  • Propane heaters are fantastic in ice fishing shelters, but make sure they are vented outside! And keep the propane bottle out of your shelter and away from heat and flame! Never keep a propane heater completely enclosed. And do not leave it unattended!

    Ice Fishing Safely

    Carm’s 14 pounder from Badger 2013