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Hypothermia In Summer? You bet. Most people don’t think of it happening in summer. Be Prepared! The following article will list the Signs & Symptoms of hypothermia as well as the First Aid that needs to be given, along with Summertime Hypothermia Prevention.


Prevention of Cold Related Emergencies in Summer:

Be aware of your surroundings

Prepare for bad weather and check the weather forecast before you plan outdoor activities such as river rafting

Always have a change of dry clothes in a sealed plastic bag with you during outdoor activities

Always carry waterproof matches or better yet; a dry, sealed, fire starter kit during water and hiking activities


Signs & Symptoms of Mild, Moderate and Severe Hypothermia:

When a person is still shivering, they are in the initial stages of hypothermia. Once a person has stopped shivering, loss of consciousness may occur,  breathing may cease. This is why it is of the utmost importance to recognize hypothermia in the early stages. These signs and symptoms are: shivering, complaining of the cold, numbness, confused or unusual behavior, impaired judgement.


First Aid for Mild, Moderate and Severe Hypothermia:

Stop Heat Loss Create Heat Gain

Get the person out of the wet clothing and either dry clothes or blankets

If the person is alert, give them warm liquids to drink

Use hot water bottles. heating blankets if available, placing a cloth between the heat source and the person’s skin


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Signs, Symptoms, Prevention and First Aid for all levels of hypothermia.