Summer is Nearing!

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Here you will find all topics and information relating to First Aid for Youth aged 5-15. We welcome your new posts with experiences, questions, and discussion 🙂

People Savers is for children aged 5-12 and Babysitting is for ages 11-15

These classes will be offered by Carm’s Safety beginning in April!

Babysitter Course

Babysitters CourseBabysitters Course in Edson June 14th!!

Register Online at Carm's


Ask questions or post a topic for discussion here 🙂

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Babysitting Guide for Schools

Babysitting Fact Sheet for Schools

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Babysitting Guide for Parents

Babysitting Fact Sheet for Parents

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Babysitters Course

Ask everything and discuss anything related to the Red Cross Babysitting Course here. 

Babysitting Course Information Fact Sheet pdf

Babysitting Fact Sheet for Parents pdf

Babysitting Fact Sheet for Schools pdf

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