Fire Safety Work Place Wednesdays Workplace Wednesday’s topic for May 7th is Fire Safety.

 Fire Safety is something we all need to be aware and conscious of. Not just in our Workplaces, but our homes, fun areas and everywhere else we might be.

No one expects a fire, emergency or other disaster to occur in their workplace. It is important to remember that these misfortunes can strike anyone, anytime, and in any workplace. Fires in the workplace cause extensive injury and property loss. If a fire started in your home or workplace would you know what to do?

As the snow leaves, many of us may have noticed no water pooling. We have an exceptionally dry spring on our hands. People are talking about a short ‘break up’ .. this means it’s dry. I think my own personal biggest pee off is cigarette butts being flicked out vehicle windows. The fires that action starts every year is mind boggling. It’s not rocket science. Smoldering ember on dry grass = fire. Things I’ve heard, ” Ahh, there’s water in the ditch” Sure there might just be. But your butt landed on the grass, and by the time it reaches the ditch, it will jump that little bit of run off. 

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