Fall Work Place Wednesdays

Workplace Wednesday- Fall ready

All too soon, summer is gone and fall is knocking on our doors. The shorter days, temperature drop, falling and colourful leaves makes fall a great time to fine tune your health and safety awareness. Even though the cool weather of the Fall may be a relief from the intense heat of the summer, it also comes with its own challenges-allergies, packing on the pounds and the flu. It’s usually not too cold or hot and one stands the risk of not being appropriately dressed for the weather. As it often happens, this change in weather is also associated with colds and coughs which usher’s us into the flu season. It’s just a quick reminder to stay safe from colds and the flu and to keep others safe in case you happen to catch it. First of all, dress appropriately for the weather. To protect yourself from all strains of influenza viruses, clean your hands often with soap and warm water, or hand sanitizer. It also helps to eat nutritious food, exercise, and get a good night’s sleep to stay as healthy as possible as well as keep your immune system in top shape.

Avoid the Spread

Protecting yourself and other at the workplace is a first sign of respect for individual’s well-being. To achieve this it recommended doing the following

  • Cover your cough in your sleeve if you catch cold and finally,
  • Stay at home when you are sick, so you spare your colleagues the misfortune of catching it from you.

It is important to know that stress and unhealthy eating can weaken your immune system which will make your system prone to the cold virus. Knowing that work can be stressful at times during this period, it is advisable to work on your stress level and also make an intentional effort to be stress free. Planning ahead and setting realistic expectations at work can be very helpful.

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