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Drowning and Water Safety. In Standard First Aid classes you are taught to NEVER get in the water to help someone that is drowning. Why? Because a 2yr old can and will drown a full grown adult Olympic swimmer. If you can use a reaching assist, albeit a tow rope, a sling, a swim board, a sturdy branch, or whatever you might be  able to find quickly- fantastic, try. AFTER you have dialed 911. You need to STAY ON SHORE to maintain a visual on the person. Who will help if you go downstream too? How will 911/anyone know where you are when your phone gets wet? As hard as it will be to to stay on shore and watch your friend, child struggle and fight you need to STAY ON SHORE AND MAINTAIN A VISUAL if you can not get a reaching assist to them.  You can find a swift water rescue class HERE

Prevention is always key. Here’s some tips on how to prevent a Drowning or Water Emergency:

Never swim alone

Always watch children in the tub or home pool, never leaving them unsupervised even if the phone rings

Be Aware of your surroundings, watch your footing

Don’t try and cross rivers with an ATV. Swift moving water is unpredictable at best.

Always have life jackets ON while boating/ rafting. A life vest in the boat does you no good when you capsize/fall

Do Not Drink and Swim/Boat


Carm’s Safety, Because Everyone Should Have the Knowledge to Save a Life