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Respiratory plus Cardiac Arrest- Workplace Wednesday

Respiratory plus Cardiac Arrest can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Do you know what to do?   First we’ll talk about the causes of Respiratory plus Cardiac Arrest. Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of cardiac arrest. But there are other causes as well. These include: Drowning, Suffocation, Certain Drugs, Other Heart Diseases or […]

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Hypothermia – Workplace Wednesday

Hypothermia In Summer? You bet. Most people don’t think of it happening in summer. Be Prepared! The following article will list the Signs & Symptoms of hypothermia as well as the First Aid that needs to be given, along with Summertime Hypothermia Prevention.   Prevention of Cold Related Emergencies in Summer: Be aware of your […]


Medics on Site Here’s a Thinker Thursday topic for ya.. How many oilfield workers have encountered incompetent medics on site? Here’s what I believe should be the rule; 6mos-1yr Minimum on car (Ambulance) training prior any oilfield rig work as a medic. How many have seen the medic be the first to run? Or drop? […]

Heat Stroke – Workplace Wednesady

 Heat Stroke; This Week’s Workplace Wednesday Topic   Here comes summer! Yahoo! Finally! After 9 months of the fierce Alberta winter, spring has sprung and summer is well on it’s way. With it comes it’s own set of preventable emergencies, one being Heat Stroke and other Heat Related Emergencies. How do you recognize Heat Stroke? […]

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Alberta #1 First Aid Kit Contents

Alberta #1 First Aid Kit Contents pdf that will open in a new window

Alberta #2 First Aid Kit Contents

Alberta #2 First Aid Kit Contents pdf file that will open in a new window  

Medics First Aid

Alberta Number 3 First Aid Kit Contents

First Aid Kit Contents for an Alberta #3 First Aid Kit  pdf file that will open in a new window This information can also be found on the Alberta OH&S website.   You may also view the first aid kit contents for an Alberta #2 and for an Alberta #1 by clicking on the underlined links […]

Re Certification

I have St Johns first aid can I re-certify with a Carm’s Safety Red Cross class? YES. St Johns is recognized by the Canadian Red Cross, and so long as you still hold a Valid Certification of Standard First Aid with CPR C, you may re-cert with Carm’s Safety in a Standard First Aid with […]

Medics First Aid

Prevent Disease and Infection

The simplest and most effective method of preventing the spread of disease and infection is by washing your hands. Handwashing Guidelines pdf

First Aid Class Questions Answers

Ask all your First Aid Class questions and get your answer here!  

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