Bears Work Place Wednesdays Bears is this week’s Workplace Wednesday topic for April 23 2014.

A few precautions and preventative measures against Bears everyone should know…

As we come into spring, many of us in our workplace will encounter a bear, or have a bear sighting. A reminder that this is the time of year when cubs are emerging with the sow, and the boars are looking to bring the sow back into heat. Bears are now awake, groggy, grumpy and hungry! Cubs are curious! Mom is never far away.

A few precautions and preventative measures you need to keep in mind with Bears and Bear Sightings if you or your employees work outside of an office or if you camp, fish, hike, walk or live outside a bustling city:

Always be Bear Aware of your surroundings. Watch for high risk bear areas such as behind tanks and tank farms that are typically located backing to the bush. Remote well heads are a great spot to see cougars and bears, also a fantastic place to run into one unexpectedly and unprepared. Leases, constructions, landfill sites are all common sighting and encounter areas.

Garbage and food are not ever to be left unattended. Do Not pack in or out raw meat supplies. Carry dehydrated foods.

Take your garbage home.

Never dispose of human waste near your camp. A bit of a walk is better than a bear in the tent. Remember to always bury human waste.

Burn any used bandages and anything blood stained in your safe, secure campfire.  Always make sure it’s OUT when you leave the area!

Metal lockable coolers provide the safest protection from Bears scenting out your food supply.

Wash all dishes and cookware promptly.  Dispose of the grey water AWAY from camp.

Report sightings within town limits and other populated areas such as campgrounds and rural neighborhoods or within workplace areas to Fish & Wildlife and/or follow your company policy and procedure protocols for wildlife sightings and or encounters. Alternitively, in an emergency, dial 911.

If you encounter a bear. Know how to recognize the bear firstly, and secondly know how to act. This information can be found by taking a Bear Aware Class. Find one HERE, or by simply using Google and asking around. Thirdly, know your First Aid! Prevention is Key!

 Don’t have a Scare! Stay away from the Bear!

Bears - Workplace Wednesday Topic
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Bears - Workplace Wednesday Topic
How aware of the spring bear awakening are you? Prevention, knowledge, discussion.