AED Use Work Place Wednesdays

AED Use is this weeks Workplace Wednesday topic


AED’s or External Automatic Defibrillators are simple and easy to use. If you can turn one on, you can operate it. They are made to be used by anyone, at anytime. They will not deliver a shock if it’s not needed.

We are finding AED’s more and more in the community, which is fantastic! The cost of an AED has reduced significantly from upwards of 6000.00 to around 1200.00. Anyone can own one. Anyone can operate one.

To use an AED, turn it on. Follow the voice prompts, and the safety precautions below. That is it!

You want to ensure the ill or injured person is NOT laying in water; we use something called a “splash test” to ensure this. A splash test is a simple ‘smack’ on the ground beside where the person is. If water or liquid splashes up, you need to move them to a drier location.

You need to keep the AED pads an inch away from any pacemaker scar and an inch away from any nicotine, hormone or other patches. Removing the patch will still leave residue on the skin, so just keep an inch away from it. Don’t worry about the person having a pacemaker. If it was working, you would not be doing CPR or applying an AED.

Ensure the pads will stick to the skin by shaving any mass amounts of hair in the location where the pads go. This location is demonstrated on the pads themselves, and all AED kits should have a razor and a pair of scissors with them. The scissors are for opening a shirt, or cutting through a bra. Please try and keep the person’s dignity intact as much as possible.

Lastly, ensure NO One is touching the person during the AED’s analyse or shock modes.

The chance of revival with CPR alone is about 7% and declines significantly with each minute passing. The chance of revival with CPR and an AED is as high as 75%. Ask us how you can have an AED in your workplace, rv, lake lot, home, community. We do NOT charge nor sell AED’s, we will simply pass information along to you on where reputable retailers can be found.

View the Canadian Red Cross Info Sheet on AED Use AED Fact Sheet


For more information, and to be trained in CPR and AED use, REGISTER for a First Aid and CPR/AED Training course with us!

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