The recent power outage in Edson and Yellowhead County has sparked some thought..

Would you think to go light the furnace in your RV? Do you have extra propane on hand if you needed?

How many have an alternative heat source? Wood heat is low cost, radiant and works without power. Check regulations and insurance protocols in your community.

How many would try to keep warm in a vehicle? NEVER DO THIS. Unless you are stranded, in which case, see Emergency Car List and use the candle in a can, not the exhaust. Do NOT run the vehicle. Do Not run the heater. Ever. A snow plugged exhaust, a froze over window, low ventilation = death by carbon monoxide poisoning. An don’t you even think of running that vehicle in your shop/garage.

How many candles would burn unattended? Not even for just a second. For all it takes is a second..

How many people would just be cold and huddle inside.. waiting..

Sure, it was only -1 at the time of the outage, but winter power outages can be devastating. Are you and your family prepared?

If you do not have an alternative heat source, no RV with a propane filled furnace, no nearby neighbors, close yourselves off into a small room with blankets, sheets, quilts. Ensure it has an escape window. Let EMS know you are without heat and bunkered down. You can likely survive -5 for a while, but not much more. Keep hydrated; even cold water will help keep your energy up to make internal heat. Huddle. Talk. Tell Stories. Stay Awake.  Eat. Place infants and toddlers inside your jackets and blankets next to you. Use Pets. Dogs are a great heat source.


Along with these, think about how you and yours would keep warm, dry and safe in the event of a major power outage in these, what can be, bitter cold months.

First Aid, Safety, for Life.

Don’t get caught in the cold & dark!

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