Emergency  Work Place Wednesdays

There are 3 main types of Emergency kits everyone should have on hand. Do you know what they are and what they should contain?


Whether we are at home or work, traveling, or on leisure time we all need to be prepared for an emergency. Emergencies are never planned. Get Prepared by ensuring your Vehicle and Home have the following kits:

Emergency Supplies Kit

First Aid Kit

Emergency Car Kit

An Emergency Supplies Kit should have the following Items:

4 L of water per person per day, and enough for 3 days

Packaged or canned food that is non-perishable.

Can opener

Walking shoes, rain gear, change of clothes

Blankets and sleeping bags

A First Aid Kit and and prescription medications. Be sure to check expiry dates regularly!

Toilet paper and other personal supplies

Extra pair of glasses

Battery powered flashlight and radio with extra batteries, or opt for the hand crank ones

Spare cash

Extra set of vehicle keys

List of family doctors

Important family information ie: medical conditions and next of kin

Photocopies of all Identification for each family member

Special items for babies and children ie: diapers, toys, games, bottles, special foods


First Aid Kit Contents  -highlighted links open a pdf file

Alberta #1 First Aid Kit Contents

Alberta #2 First Aid Kit Contents

First Aid Kit Contents for an Alberta #3 First Aid Kit

Emergency Car kit Contents:

Battery or crank radio and flashlight

A Blanket

Booster Cables

Fire extinguisher

First Aid Kit

Bottled water and high energy foods, nutrition bars


A shovel

Tire repair kit and pump

Matches and a “survival” candle in a deep can that will burn for many hours.

Find out how to use the items in your Emergency and First Aid Kits! Take a First Aid ,CPR & AED Training class! Find out more and how to Register HERE