Sunburn Work Place Wednesdays

Sunburn Prevention

Sunburn- ouch! Here we are in the first week of Summer already, heading into the Canada Day long Weekend, and many of us will be nursing a sunburn. Let’s prevent it!  SPF 30 or greater, light cotton long sleeves, are both fantastic preventative measures, but lets not forget about the children in the water, or Grandpa sitting watching without a hat on. How bout that guy welding with only the back of  his neck exposed? The guys having their roofing party? Prevention is always key, as it is here again in the topic of Sunburn. Taking frequent breaks, not being outside when the sun is at it’s strongest, using SPF 30 or greater on any exposed skin, and remembering to re-apply after being in the water or outside for a prolonged period of time. Protect yourselves, your children and your family and friends this Canada Day long weekend and remember the sunscreen and an umbrella! Remember those areas like the backs of our necks, calves, feet, ears.

First Aid for a Sunburn

Treat the burn the same as any other burn. A superficial sunburn has no blisters. A partial thickness sunburn is when blistering occurs. A partial thickness sunburn over 10% of the body requires medical attention. Cool it with standing cool water. Burn gels if the 5 rights and allergies have been addressed may be of some relief as well. A person should be checked for Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke when dealing with a severe sunburn. See our blog post about Heat Related Emergencies HERE


Have a fantastic Canada Day Long Weekend and stay free from a painful sunburn!


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This post should not be taken as a replacement for a First Aid Course.

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