Stroke Work Place Wednesdays

Stroke Prevention, First Aid, Signs & Symptoms


This week we’ll discuss the Prevention, Signs & Symptoms and First Aid for a Stroke.

Stroke Prevention is key as it always is when discussing anything First Aid related. The prevention for a Stroke is similar to that of preventing Cardiovascular Disease. Proper nutrition, weight management, stress, stopping unhealthy habits such as smoking, regular exercise can all be factors. Unfortunately, so are some conditions which we have no control over such as age, gender and if it’s hereditary.


The Signs and Symptoms of a stroke are as follows:

-facial droop on one side

-numbness and or tingling and weakness on one side of the body felt and seen in the limbs

-slurred speech or inability to speak

The acronym we want to remember for a Stroke is FAST. Face Arms Speech Time, for the signs & symptoms listed above and for Time being of the essence.


Stroke First Aid:

Time is of the essence when dealing with a stroke. It is a critical 911/EMS call. The condition requires immediate medical attention in the hopes of reversing the effects of the stroke. You may lay the person in the H.A.I.N.E.S. Recovery position with their affected side UP to prevent choking, allowing for drainage, keeping their airway open. After checking your ABC’s and calling for help. Comfort them as a stroke can be extremely scary. It’s a feeling of being trapped inside your own body. When I had mine from the surgery, it was the scariest thing imaginable to go through. Comfort, re-assure and rest the person. Let them know EMS has been called and they will do everything they can. There is something called ‘the golden hour’ that describes the ideal time frame for the reversal drugs to be administered by Heath Care Professionals. So again- TIME is of the essence.


None of this information should be used in place of a Red Cross First Aid Class. Register for a course HERE

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