Medics on Site Here’s a Thinker Thursday topic for ya.. How many oilfield workers have encountered incompetent medics on site? Here’s what I believe should be the rule; 6mos-1yr Minimum on car (Ambulance) training prior any oilfield rig work as a medic. How many have seen the medic be the first to run? Or drop? […]

Drowning, Water Safety – Workplace Wednesday

Drowning Prevention, Water Safety Drowning and Water Safety. In Standard First Aid classes you are taught to NEVER get in the water to help someone that is drowning. Why? Because a 2yr old can and will drown a full grown adult Olympic swimmer. If you can use a reaching assist, albeit a tow rope, a […]

Heat Stroke – Workplace Wednesady

 Heat Stroke; This Week’s Workplace Wednesday Topic   Here comes summer! Yahoo! Finally! After 9 months of the fierce Alberta winter, spring has sprung and summer is well on it’s way. With it comes it’s own set of preventable emergencies, one being Heat Stroke and other Heat Related Emergencies. How do you recognize Heat Stroke? […]

Choking Work Place Wednesdays

ATVs- Workplace Wednesday

ATVs or All Terrain Vehicles, have become an integral part of our Workplaces as much as our recreational and home lives. However, this also means that many people each year are seriously injured or die as a result of unsafe ATV use each year in Alberta. Here are some key points to ALWAYS consider: What […]

Fire Safety – Workplace Wednesday

 Workplace Wednesday’s topic for May 7th is Fire Safety.  Fire Safety is something we all need to be aware and conscious of. Not just in our Workplaces, but our homes, fun areas and everywhere else we might be. No one expects a fire, emergency or other disaster to occur in their workplace. It is important to […]

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