Medics First Aid

Prevent Disease and Infection

The simplest and most effective method of preventing the spread of disease and infection is by washing your hands. Handwashing Guidelines pdf

First Aid Kit Contents

Ice Fishing Safety

Please remember when driving on ice and while ice fishing to: ALWAYS remove your seatbealt and roll your window down! Watch for breakers and DO NOT drive on them. #Breakers look like a ridge above the ice surface. They look like fun jumps for sleds and quads. They are not! You can easily break through […]

People Savers First Aid Courses Discussion

Here’s the spot to ask and comment, discuss or ask a question with regard to anything about the Red Cross People Savers Courses.

First Aid Kit Contents

General First Aid Comments

Here’s the place for discussing random first aid experiences and commenting on any first aid courses and classes. Please DO NOT USE ACTUAL REAL NAMES or your post will not get displayed. Using Mr X and Mrs B is fine. Little girl A and young boy C. etc only. You need to be logged in […]

Babysitters Course

Ask everything and discuss anything related to the Red Cross Babysitting Course here.  Babysitting Course Information Fact Sheet pdf Babysitting Fact Sheet for Parents pdf Babysitting Fact Sheet for Schools pdf

Online Safety Course Discussion

Are Online courses Valid? Of course they are with Carm’s Safety.. now ask another question! or take an online course HERE  

First Aid Class Questions Answers

Ask all your First Aid Class questions and get your answer here!  

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